Freeze framing the travel adventures

Travelling around the world, exploring beautiful places, staying in luxurious hotels, shooting beautiful locations, understanding different cultures and getting paid for it is an envious job

Who does not want to hop around the world, stay in luxurious hotels, shoot beautiful locations and amazing cultures, and get paid for it. Photography and travel are no more strange bedfellows. The compulsive travelers are fascinated by photography as much as the amateur photographers are fascinated by travelling. The travel photography as a profession has emerged as a seriously interesting and challenging career avenue.  

Travel photographers mostly focus on people, festivals, wildlife, architecture, and anything that is eye-catching and intriguing. With firm grip on the finer nuances of camera work, they manage to freeze-frame the inherent beauty of people and places.

The avenues and opportunities for travel photography have grown immensely. While most of the travel photographers still opt for freelancing work, many others choose to work for their employers. “It doesn’t really matter who you work for, as long as you have got the hunger to immerse yourself into the art. You must enjoy what you do, and travel photography requires lot of patience and stamina,” says Ahsan Rasikh, Kabul-based photographer.

For Mikel Dunham, Nepal-born, globe-trotting photographer and blogger, the creative high of clicking the extraordinary shots in an ordinary setting is a greatest reward for any photographer. “The fun of travelling around the world, exploring beautiful places, and clicking photographs is unparalleled,” he says. However many of them stress that this field is extremely demanding and rigorous, especially for starters. “It is easier said than done,” says noted travel photographer and journalist Ajay Jain.

The opportunities for travel photographers are galore. But according to the legendary photographer, Olivier Follmi, patience is the key. He says it may take years for aspiring travel photographers to reach a point when they start reaping the rewards of their work. Photography, according to him, is not as much a struggle as selling the photographs.

The avenues are umpteen and it depends on the person how he capitalizes on the opportunities, says Naimat Rawan, a photographer based in Kabul. According to him, the attitude, hunger and passion are three important characteristics that make a successful travel photographer.

Selling the travel photos is the most viable option, as there are publications willing to splurge heavily on acquiring the copyrights of pictures. Putting the pictures on stock photography sites is another option, as you get remuneration every time someone buys your picture. “It also helps you get noticed, as people keep coming back to those sites in search of quality pictures,” says Dunham.

Nowadays, aspiring travel photographers go for professional training and degree courses to hone their skills and survive the cut-throat competition. Photographers take writing seriously now, as it comes handy while writing detailed captions or small articles, describing the scene and setting. That way, photographers also pocket more money. The most happening places for travel photography today are Paris, Venice, New York, Switzerland, and African nations. Back in Afghanistan, Bamyan, Takhar, Nooristan and areas in Northern Provinces are top destinations for travel photographers. 

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