‘We condemn terrorism in all its forms and manifestations’

A large gathering of civil society activists and students gathered in front of the Lebanese restaurant in Wazir Akbar Khan on Sunday to protest against Friday’s deadly suicide attack 
A large gathering of civil society activists and students gathered in Wazir Akbar Khan on Sunday afternoon to protest against Friday’s deadly suicide attack on Lebanese restaurant in this upscale locality. The emotionally overwhelmed protestors raised vociferous slogans, condemning terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and expressing solidarity with the victims of attack. 

A peaceful march started in front of the restaurant and went around the highly-fortified diplomatic enclave, which is home to many foreigners and Afghan elite, before concluding at the UNAMA office.
The protestors called on the government to crack down on terrorists and try them in accordance to the law of land. Bouquets were put at the site of Friday’s attack, which claimed 21 lives, most of them foreigners.

The protestors issued a declaration, calling on the government to stop its double-policy towards terrorists and send a strong message across. They also urged the security forces to focus on their duties and continue resisting terrorists.

Zahra Mosumi, one of the participants, read out the statement in front of UNAMA headquarters urging the international community to support Afghanistan at this critical juncture and help the war-weary country in its fight against terrorism.

The Friday’s attack that sent shock waves across the country was the bloodiest attack in a residential locality in many years. It claimed the lives of eight Afghans, five Americans, two Britishers, two Lebanese, two Canadians, one Russian and one Pakistani. 

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